Benefits of Master Key System

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve lost your keys? Maybe your key broke, and now you can’t access the premises. No matter the problem, did you know all this could be solved using a master key system? 

What is a Master Key System?

Master key systems are plans designed to allow a specific key to unlock multiple pre-selected doors. Many apartment buildings, hotels, and other businesses use this style of key plan. All doors programmed to match the master key can be open with it. However, not all keys in the set open all doors. Each door can still have its specific key, which can then be given to someone who only needs access to that one door.

Think of an apartment building. Everyone has the same access to the front door, but only their key opens their own entrance. However, the superintendent has a key that opens every day. A master key system is an excellent way to manage entry to your premises.

Benefits of a Master Key System

A master key system is beneficial to any business or building that requires multiple people to access the premises at different times. It creates a safe and manageable that comes with many additional benefits.

For example, master key systems are incredibly convenient. The person who needs access to multiple doors can gain entry with only one key, instead of carrying many different ones. Due to this, fewer keys are in circulation, which is both cheaper and easier to track.

Additionally, master keys create an added layer of safety in the building. If doors need to be opened in case of an emergency, they can be unlocked quickly and easily. Also, access to specific building areas can be limited by using a master key system.

If you are considering enhancing the security and functionality of your locking setup, consider using a master key system.

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