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In a city as diverse as Orlando, Locksmith 32826 services are everywhere. However, not all of them are conducted by trustworthy professionals such as the ones that we have at Orlando Locksmith and Automotive. Don’t miss out on the best services in your area and be sure to give us a call if you need locksmith assistance. Commercial, residential, or automotive locksmith concerns, we have the fix for you.


Highly experienced technicians

Locksmithing is a skill that is mastered over time. While anyone can easily claim to be knowledgeable of the necessary skills and possess the best tools for the business, all of these do not compare to the proper training and licensing that professionals go through.

At Orlando Locksmith and Automotive, we have highly experienced technicians who have undergone the proper training and certification for the job. You can be confident that our locksmiths know what they are doing the moment they step into your home, office, or business. Each of our team members is also bonded, meaning your valuables are insured in case an unfortunate accident occurs while we perform your requested repairs.


Reliable locksmiths with an upgraded skill set

Like with other industries, trends also come and go in the locksmith industry. From time to time, there are new developments as well as equipment launches that we strive to familiarize ourselves with. This way, we can learn the best approach to every situation and arm ourselves with the most efficient tools.

It’s not enough for our team members to have basic knowledge of the trade. We also work hard in upgrading our skillset, especially in areas where we think we need improvement. We see this as a form of investment that can benefit our customers later on. If you have sophisticated security systems in the office or the most complicated locking systems at your place, our technicians know the best ways to fix them.


Best price guarantee for all services

One too many times, we’ve heard of stories where potential clients decided not to avail of professional locksmith services because of the rates. It’s no secret that locksmith concerns often come unannounced and when they do, it almost always needs immediate attention. There will likely be instances when you don’t have spare cash for the repairs or replacement services.

This is one of the things that we want to address at Orlando Locksmith and Automotive. We want our customers to never hesitate about getting professional Locksmith 32826 services, so we keep our rates as friendly as we could while also maintaining the best quality.


A locally owned and operated business

Our team is run and operated by locals from Orlando, which we see as a huge advantage over locksmith companies that are run and managed by non-locals. Our familiarity with the community and our immediate surroundings makes it so much easier for us to connect with our customers and establish a good rapport. This helps a lot in communicating with our clients and knowing what they want and need with every request that we receive.

With locals manning our team, we also know which roads to take at which time of the day so we can reach your location in the shortest time possible. This lessens your wait time and helps us provide assistance to more customers in need of locksmith solutions.


24/7 city-wide locksmith solutions

Orlando is a huge city, we know, so we’re not surprised if you have a hard time finding good Locksmith 32826 solutions at times. This might also be the case if you are located on the outskirts. With Orlando Locksmith and Automotive, this will no longer be your concern.

Our team has a wide scope of coverage across the city, so you can be sure that there will always be a service team that can reach you no matter what time it is and where you might be located. More importantly, we don’t charge premium rates based on distance. There won’t be a need to worry about paying exorbitant service fees because we always keep it affordable.

More importantly, our professional locksmith solutions are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you prefer getting locksmith services late in the night, at the break of dawn, or on weekends when everybody’s home, we can schedule that for you.

Services We Offer:
  • Opening car doors
  • State-of-the-art automobile locks installed affordably
  • Re-keying your auto locks
  • Emergency auto lockouts delivered
  • Transponder key programming
  • Make Car Keys
  • Making of Transponder keys
  • Retrieve Car Keys
  • Ignition Cylinder replacement
  • And many more
Locksmith 32826
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With locksmith solutions offered all-day, all-week, and all-year, you can always count on us at Orlando Locksmith and Automotive to respond to your requests. Our service support staff are ready to pick your calls up and arrange a schedule whenever is most convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring so we can send our technicians to your location whenever you need it.

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