The Differences Between Lock Picking and Lock Bumping

Have heard of the terms lock picking and lock bumping? Do you know what they mean? Both of these are methods that can be used to open a lock without the original key. Some locksmiths safely use this skill to gain entry for their customers. However, some intruders have also picked up on the practice. 

To better understand what these terms mean, we break down the difference here. 

Lock Picking

Lock picking is when a few household tools are used to manipulate the pin-and-tumbler design within a lock to open the door. They use their items to put the pins into the correct pattern. When the pins line up properly, the door opens without causing damage to the lock or the frame.

Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is like lock picking but requires a specific tool. This method utilizes a bump key that can grant access to nearly all locks when used correctly. A bump key is not purchased but made, again, with several tools that can be found in most homes. Most often, this approach is used on pin-and-tumbler locks. Bumping a lock leaves no sign of intrusion or forced entry. It merely looks as though the door was unlocked and opened. 

Preventing Lock Picking and Bumping

Lock picking and bumping are worrisome for many homeowners. While many locks can be picked, there are a couple of ways to protect against it.

Firstly, add more than one lock to your door. Install a deadbolt, swing bar door guard, or door chain in addition to your door handle lock.

Alternatively, some door handle locks are specifically designed to prevent picking or bumping. While they are often more expensive, they are an added layer of security for your home.

No matter how you do it, your home and family’s safety should be your priority.

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