What is a Cylinder Lock?

Did you know there are different locks to choose from, each with their own purpose and benefit? One of the most common locks that provide security and safety is the cylinder lock. 

What is the Cylinder Lock?

Many homes use the cylinder lock to secure their front door. Here’s how it works. When the key is place into the cylinder, a kind of internal puzzle is activated. Only the right key can solve the puzzle correctly to open the door. The key achieves this by pushing a series of pins into their correct configuration.

The most secure kind of cylinder lock is the deadbolt. When the key turns, a cylinder slides the bolt back and forth. When turned one way, the pin pushes into place so the door cannot open. When the key is turned the opposite way, the bolt retracts to allow the door to open. There are several types of cylinder locks, like the spring-loaded version, that all work in a similar form.

Benefits of a Cylinder Lock

Cylinder locks are widely used because of their many benefits. Firstly, they are simple for a locksmith to rekey in case of a lockout. Secondly, a master key system can be used with cylinder lockers. Finally, it is possible to use either a single cylinder or double cylinder lock.

Single cylinders are easy for the key holder to open, which is handy in case of an emergency. Double cylinders are part of the same system but require a key to open the lock from both sides. This means that an intruder can break your glass but can’t open your door by simply turning the knob from the inside.

Cylinder locks are among the easiest to use locking systems. They provide security for both homes and businesses. If you need to replace the locks on your premises, consider utilizing a cylinder locking system.

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