Which Are the Most Common Car Key Problems?

Car keys are one of the most critical components for proper vehicle function. The seemingly simple car key can create a whole host of problems, no matter what type of locking system your car boasts. Here are five common problems that people face with their car keys.

1) Damaged Key or Damaged Internal Ignition Mechanisms

Over time, repeated use of your key can cause wear and tear. The key itself can become damaged or worn to the point that it no longer properly fits inside the ignition mechanism. Alternatively, the internal components of the ignition itself can get damaged over time.

2) Internal Damage to Transponder Key or FOB Key

Newer cars use FOB or transponder keys to operate. These keys are complex mechanisms that can suffer from internal damage. If there is internal damage to the key itself, it cannot function properly.

3) Transponder Key Requires Programming

Transponder keys require programming to open the locks. Sometimes a key is not programmed correctly or the programming gets interrupted. In this case, the key needs to be programmed to match the requirements of the car.

4) Key Batteries Need to be Replaced

This is a simple fix, but a common one. The batteries in FOB keys, especially, tend to run out of power. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced.

5) Your Key is a Duplicate

Many people choose the cheaper option of coping a key rather than paying for a new key from the manufacturer. Spare keys are often not made the same as the original. Each time the key is copied, the new key is slightly different from the original, causing potential function problems.

Each of the listed problems is entirely fixable. However, it is best to avoid DIY fixes and call a car locksmith right away.

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